3-6-9: a code, a frequency.

17 March 2022

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Tesla said, “If you knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9, you would have the keys to the universe.”

A powerful phrase and at the same time very cryptic.
What magnificence? What keys? What universe?


The first message that surfaces is that the reality in which we live is a mathematical reality, characterized by main frequencies and secondary frequencies.
Max Planck himself, the father of quantum physics, said that Matter does not exist, everything is vibration.
First of all, it is important to understand that the vision of the world in the form of frequency is not a new fantasy, it is physics.

It is well known that the visible spectrum is properly “that part of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls between red and violet“, or in “terms of frequencies, it is the spectrum that varies between 430 (dark red) and 770 (violet) THz“.

So, we “see” frequencies and, it is good to remember, a very limited spectrum of them.


Planck is also famous in the scientific world for his constant equal to 6,626 x 10-36 Js.

This constant is essential for the development of quantum mechanics, since it allows to quantize, that is, to delimit in finite packages (in technical terms in discrete and non-continuous values) important physical quantities of the microscopic world, including energy, momentum and angular momentum – while in classical physics the quantities are continuous.”

Meaning! What does that mean for us humans? That all that is manifested in our reality is within a well-defined lattice. This lattice has proved to be connected to Planck’s constant: 6,626x 10-36 Js.

Analyzing everything with a more simplistic perspective, we can argue that the vibration constituting our reality, the basic pattern, the lattice that holds together this holographic world, is linked to the frequency of 6-6-6.

Carbonio Molecola This number immediately shakes the minds because it recalls the “number of the Beast” present in the Apocalypse. In reality, what is reported in the sacred books has an objective correspondence in the atomic structure of the world: all forms of life on Earth are formed by molecules whose structure is always made of carbon atoms.

Carbon has a well-structured atomic lattice consisting, as it happens, of 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons: 6-6-6.
The biblical reference to the 6-6-6 connected to Satan, considered the ruler of this world, could be an allegory with respect to the carrier frequency of this reality.

I ask you to continue reading with the imaginative spirit of the child and Socratic curiosity.
You do not have to believe what you read but simply allow this information to be processed by your three brains.
Stop, take a breath, and repeat to yourself:
It may or may not be, either way, I’m listening“.

The seeds we plant, very often, do not germinate because, simply, instead of watering them we cover them with the cement of our preconceived beliefs and programming.
What I have learned, deep down, is to never have certainties and to question everything I feel and finally to listen to my intuition.
That intuition which, according to Berne, “is knowledge based on experience acquired through sensory contact with the subject without the intuitionist being able to explain to himself or others exactly how he arrived at his conclusions. Or, in psychological terms, it can be defined as knowledge based on experience and acquired through preverbal unconscious or preconscious functions through sensory contact with the subject.
The intuition proper to the natural child, with its spontaneous curiosity and magical thinking aimed at infinite possibilities.
That power that allows you to travel with the imagination in the multiverse of experiences while remaining still here.

Back to the magnificence of 3-6-9….
What is then the power that characterizes this number series?
The 3-6-9 is a key to access an alternative programming grid to the known one.
It is the key needed to exit the frequency of 6-6-6, break the matrix, break the chains, and open up towards a new portal.
It is the “secret” code to get out of Plato’s cave and understand that shadows are always generated by light! A further step to get closer to It.

How can we turn this key? How can we experience the magnificence of 3-6-9?
The power lies, simply, in activating the three brains of the human machine.
First fully reactivating them and then re-frequencing them.
It is no coincidence that the use of My Energy Bars is supported by specific protocols that have the task of turning on the engines of our spaceship!

The 3 is connected to the first brain, the enteric brain. This power center is connected to the I AM, to our sense of identity: our identification in this material world, in this third dimension.

The 6 is connected to the second brain, the cardiac brain. This power center is connected to the I FEEL. When this engine is activated, we are completely connected to the 6 gateways of our holographic reality. This connection allows us to have a spherical view of the world and of ourselves. This kind of vision modifies our feeling about the inner and outer universe. Our everyday dual, linear vision is transformed.
It is expanded to previously inaccessible frequency spectrums.

The 9 is connected to the third brain, the encephalic brain. This power center, in the head, is connected to the I CREATE. This core allows you to transform thought into action, idea into matter. It allows us to exit the third dimension and access the multiverse connected to us.

The 9, by its nature, is the synthesis of all possible frequencies. It is starting from 9 that it is possible to decode the matrix, to analyze the frequencies that characterize it and, if you have the right potential differential, modify it.

Imagine when you are listening to a radio, when you are on a certain station, and you are not satisfied with the music it is playing. What you do is simply turn the knob or press the button and switch to another frequency, or consciously choose to change music. Do you think this is not possible in your life as well?
If it is true that everything around us is frequency (and it is!) surely, at least in theory, it is possible. You just need to understand where the key you have to use is located.
What if I told you that this key is the pineal gland and that it is activated thanks to the strengthening and alignment of the three brains?

Consider it, for now, a possibility and simply experience my words.

Below is a guided meditation to activate and align our 3 power centers.

Start your engines. Wonders await!

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