Fuoco alchemico

How do you fuel your alchemical fire?

In order to make changes in your life, the first question you must ask yourself is how to fuel your alchemical fire, your inner fire.

That is, that fire, which is the engine of regeneration, of evolutionary change.

Let’s discover it together.

Our body has six main energy gates: the two hands, the two feet, the fontanelle, and the perineum.

The perineum and the feet connect us with the energy of the earth, the primary material energy, the fontanelle, and the hands with the energy of the sky, the expansive spiritual energy.

The agreement of these two energies allows our organism to regenerate on the energetic level and consequently on the physical level.

It is no coincidence that in Chinese culture man is seen as a link between Heaven (the highest expression of Yang, but also of the spiritual world) and Earth (the Yin by definition, as well as the emblem of the material world).

The energy of the earth feeds the I AM, our first brain located in the belly.

The energy of the sky feeds the I CREATE, our third brain, located in the head.

The first center is the point of connection with our ancestral memories, with all that we potentially are, have been and can be. The second is the center of connection with the multiverse of infinite possibilities, the dimension in which the I can manifest in reality.

In the connection between these two carrier energies, the frequency of the I AM passes from the frequency state of possibility to the material state, manifesting itself in this third dimension.

This fusion represents the alchemical transformation of lead (the potential) into gold (the real essence).

For this to be possible, however, a combustion chamber is required, a place of alignment, re-frequencying and metabolization of these two carrier frequencies.

This center is located in the second brain, that of the heart, in the I FEEL.

It is in this forge of wonders that the frequency of the I AM is understood, processed, and transmuted to allow the materialization of the idea represented by the frequency of the I CREATE.

The heart is the power fulcrum of the nous atom, that is the basic element that creates order and coherence between the world of ideas and the world of things.

It is the energy atom that allows you to create the molecular structure of the frequency you want to attract in order to manifest it in this third dimension.

Everything that exists in this world was first an idea on the astral plane and only later materialized on the physical plane.

The world of ideas or Hyperuranium, according to Plato, is that world beyond heaven that has always existed. That “place” where there are immutable and perfect ideas, reachable only by the intellect, not tangible by earthly and corruptible entities.

But to which intellect was Plato referring? To the intellect of the heart.

Or, to quote Plato again, that Intelligence that orders and causes all things.

How does this intelligence work then?

The intelligence of the Heart, connected to the frequency of the I FEEL, puts into communication the energy of the Earth, the unconscious and ancestral energy of Being, with the energy of Heaven, or the frequency of ideas in power.

The heart acts as a magnet and refrequencer between these two vibrational worlds, or synchronizes two polarities and generates, through the triune power, the materialization of the idea.

The power of the Heart is objectively verifiable: the human heart is characterized by the largest electro-magnetic field of the body.

The electromagnetic signal coming from the heart is sixty times larger in amplitude than the one coming from the brain and emits a magnetic field that is five thousand times stronger than the one of the head brain and can be detected up to more than three and a half meters away from the body.

 We can therefore argue that the brain of the heart is the forge that allows us to program the vibrational structure of the reality we want to attract and then materialize.

Can everyone, then, materialize what they want? No.

Each person can materialize only what is attuned to his or her own Essence and ancestral history. The more the Essence that is hosted by this body is ancient, the greater the spectrum of frequencies available, that is the “I am” in power.

The greater the frequencies, the greater the points of connection with the world of ideas.

However, a decoding tool is needed, some kind of multi-spatial-temporal radio.

This instrument is our cardiac brain: our heart.

A radio to work, however, needs to be properly powered, and therefore, in order to manifest, it requires a sufficiently powerful electro-magnetic field.

This field, alchemically, is generated and fueled by our inner sacred fire.

According to Gold, “only an awakened human biological machine can produce a transforming effect on the essential self that is that part of us that is not the machine“.


So how do we ignite the alchemical forge and become creators?

To do this, we must reactivate, awaken the three brains of the human machine: the enteric, the cardiac and the encephalic brain.


From the earth we draw the energy that feeds the first brain: the silver energy; from the sky we draw the energy that feeds the third brain: the golden energy.

Our sacred fire is inflamed by the union of these two carrier energies.

The encounter between the silver energy and the gold energy is the starter, the spark, which ignites the fire. However, in order to stay lit, the fire must be fueled, otherwise, like a candle under a glass, it loses power until it goes out.


Fire is energy, creative energy. It is the force that allows the alchemical transformation within the human machine.

Fire is the vivifying and purifying agent by definition, it is the element that elevates all things to a higher degree of perfection.

It is no coincidence that in many traditions, fire is attributed the meaning of central fire – the ignis centrum terrae, or the heart.


Now, what is the element that in nature fuels the fire: oxygen!

In parallel, therefore, a tool to fuel our inner fire is breathing, through which oxygen is introduced into the body.

The act of breathing, on a physical level, has the delicate function of bringing oxygen to all the cells of our body so that metabolic processes complete their cycle, thus ensuring our survival; from a metaphysical point of view, if used consciously, it also allows us to act on an energetic, mental, and spiritual level, that is, it fuels our alchemical fire.

Not surprisingly, according to Swami Sivananda “pranayama (practice of conscious breathing) occupies a very important place in the practice of Yoga and meditation. Prana – or life energy – is connected to the mind, through the mind to the will, through the will with the individual soul, and through the will with the supreme soul. If you know how to control the small waves of prana that act through the mind, you will know the secret of how to control universal prana.”

Breathing plays a primary role in connecting the energy of heaven with the energy of earth, the conscious with the unconscious. It is no accident that in many languages the word “spirit” and “breath” are identical: in Sanskrit, as we have seen, the word is prana, in Hebrew it is ruach, in Greek it is pneuma, and in Latin it is spiritus.

Are you ready to fuel your inner fire?

In the article “3-6-9: one code, one frequency

we proposed a meditation to activate the three brains through the two carrier energies: gold and silver.

The following exercise, using the power of the breath, will allow you to continue the practice by nourishing your three centers and strengthening your electromagnetic field.

The main purpose of this exercise is to unlock your ancestral memories.

Are you ready to start your engines?

Meditation in a nutshell:

Focus on the first center, two fingers below the navel. Breathe 3 times, 3 seconds IN and 3 seconds OUT, visualizing a red sphere that fuels and invigorates each of your cells.
Focus on the second center, at heart level. Breathe 6 times 6 seconds IN and 6 seconds OUT, visualizing a green sphere that fuels and invigorates each of your cells.
Focus on the third center, in the pineal gland. Breathe 9 times 9 seconds IN and 9 seconds OUT, visualizing an indigo blue sphere that fuels and invigorates each of your cells.
Combine the three spheres, generating a bright white sphere that surrounds your body. Breathe, focusing on the heart, 6 times 6 seconds IN and 6 seconds OUT or 3 times 12 seconds IN and 12 seconds OUT.

Fonti e approfondimenti:

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Il significato esoterico dell’elemento fuoco
Quando il corpo umano diventa una centrale elettrica
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Trarre energia dalla terra e dal cielo

L’immagina della copertina è stata tratta dal sito www.108grani.com


3-6-9: a code, a frequency.

Tesla said, “If you knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9, you would have the keys to the universe.”

A powerful phrase and at the same time very cryptic.
What magnificence? What keys? What universe?


The first message that surfaces is that the reality in which we live is a mathematical reality, characterized by main frequencies and secondary frequencies.
Max Planck himself, the father of quantum physics, said that Matter does not exist, everything is vibration.
First of all, it is important to understand that the vision of the world in the form of frequency is not a new fantasy, it is physics.

It is well known that the visible spectrum is properly “that part of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls between red and violet“, or in “terms of frequencies, it is the spectrum that varies between 430 (dark red) and 770 (violet) THz“.

So, we “see” frequencies and, it is good to remember, a very limited spectrum of them.


Planck is also famous in the scientific world for his constant equal to 6,626 x 10-36 Js.

This constant is essential for the development of quantum mechanics, since it allows to quantize, that is, to delimit in finite packages (in technical terms in discrete and non-continuous values) important physical quantities of the microscopic world, including energy, momentum and angular momentum – while in classical physics the quantities are continuous.”

Meaning! What does that mean for us humans? That all that is manifested in our reality is within a well-defined lattice. This lattice has proved to be connected to Planck’s constant: 6,626x 10-36 Js.

Analyzing everything with a more simplistic perspective, we can argue that the vibration constituting our reality, the basic pattern, the lattice that holds together this holographic world, is linked to the frequency of 6-6-6.

Carbonio Molecola This number immediately shakes the minds because it recalls the “number of the Beast” present in the Apocalypse. In reality, what is reported in the sacred books has an objective correspondence in the atomic structure of the world: all forms of life on Earth are formed by molecules whose structure is always made of carbon atoms.

Carbon has a well-structured atomic lattice consisting, as it happens, of 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons: 6-6-6.
The biblical reference to the 6-6-6 connected to Satan, considered the ruler of this world, could be an allegory with respect to the carrier frequency of this reality.

I ask you to continue reading with the imaginative spirit of the child and Socratic curiosity.
You do not have to believe what you read but simply allow this information to be processed by your three brains.
Stop, take a breath, and repeat to yourself:
It may or may not be, either way, I’m listening“.

The seeds we plant, very often, do not germinate because, simply, instead of watering them we cover them with the cement of our preconceived beliefs and programming.
What I have learned, deep down, is to never have certainties and to question everything I feel and finally to listen to my intuition.
That intuition which, according to Berne, “is knowledge based on experience acquired through sensory contact with the subject without the intuitionist being able to explain to himself or others exactly how he arrived at his conclusions. Or, in psychological terms, it can be defined as knowledge based on experience and acquired through preverbal unconscious or preconscious functions through sensory contact with the subject.
The intuition proper to the natural child, with its spontaneous curiosity and magical thinking aimed at infinite possibilities.
That power that allows you to travel with the imagination in the multiverse of experiences while remaining still here.

Back to the magnificence of 3-6-9….
What is then the power that characterizes this number series?
The 3-6-9 is a key to access an alternative programming grid to the known one.
It is the key needed to exit the frequency of 6-6-6, break the matrix, break the chains, and open up towards a new portal.
It is the “secret” code to get out of Plato’s cave and understand that shadows are always generated by light! A further step to get closer to It.

How can we turn this key? How can we experience the magnificence of 3-6-9?
The power lies, simply, in activating the three brains of the human machine.
First fully reactivating them and then re-frequencing them.
It is no coincidence that the use of My Energy Bars is supported by specific protocols that have the task of turning on the engines of our spaceship!

The 3 is connected to the first brain, the enteric brain. This power center is connected to the I AM, to our sense of identity: our identification in this material world, in this third dimension.

The 6 is connected to the second brain, the cardiac brain. This power center is connected to the I FEEL. When this engine is activated, we are completely connected to the 6 gateways of our holographic reality. This connection allows us to have a spherical view of the world and of ourselves. This kind of vision modifies our feeling about the inner and outer universe. Our everyday dual, linear vision is transformed.
It is expanded to previously inaccessible frequency spectrums.

The 9 is connected to the third brain, the encephalic brain. This power center, in the head, is connected to the I CREATE. This core allows you to transform thought into action, idea into matter. It allows us to exit the third dimension and access the multiverse connected to us.

The 9, by its nature, is the synthesis of all possible frequencies. It is starting from 9 that it is possible to decode the matrix, to analyze the frequencies that characterize it and, if you have the right potential differential, modify it.

Imagine when you are listening to a radio, when you are on a certain station, and you are not satisfied with the music it is playing. What you do is simply turn the knob or press the button and switch to another frequency, or consciously choose to change music. Do you think this is not possible in your life as well?
If it is true that everything around us is frequency (and it is!) surely, at least in theory, it is possible. You just need to understand where the key you have to use is located.
What if I told you that this key is the pineal gland and that it is activated thanks to the strengthening and alignment of the three brains?

Consider it, for now, a possibility and simply experience my words.

Below is a guided meditation to activate and align our 3 power centers.

Start your engines. Wonders await!

Sources and insights:


La Materia NON Esiste, TUTTO è Vibrazione – Fisica Quantistica

Cos’è la costante di Planck (e perché in Stranger Things 3 c’è un piccolo errore)

La vita potrebbe basarsi su un elemento diverso dal carbonio?

Spettro visibile

Carbonio, superato il limite dei quattro legami


Arthur C. Clarke, British science fiction author and inventor, is best known for his 1968 novel “A Space Odyssey”, surely the most famous narrative in the genre.

Clarke, with over 100 books and 1000 short stories to his credit, was not only a writer but also a creator. In fact, he gave mankind the invention that transformed the world: the global network of communications through artificial satellites.

Clarke formulated three adages, known as Clarke’s three laws, born not from simple philosophy but from experience:

  1. “When a distinguished but senior scientist claims that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he claims that something is impossible, he is almost certainly wrong.”
  2. “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to venture just beyond them into the impossible.”
  3. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Neuroscience, epigenetics, and new sciences are demonstrating the essence of Clarke’s three laws.

Specifically, it is increasingly being verified, in a scientific way, that what was once labeled as “magic” now meets known and evolving physical laws, such as quantum laws.

In the article “But how do they work?” we have discussed about cognitive dissonance and how it creates filters and resistance to the understanding of new ideas.

We are living in an amazing time in history.

Let’s give ourselves the chance to explore and wonder about the world, about ourselves.

What if the solution to our psycho-physical discomfort lies, simply, in a total understanding and integration of body, mind and spirit? If, as the holistic approach teaches, we left the duality of the conflict between disciplines to enter the trinity of being, what wonders would we discover?

It is indeed interesting to note that medicine and meditation originate from the same Indo-European root “med“: to reflect, to become aware, from which the Latin word “mederi” derives. Just as science and consciousness arise from the same Latin root “scire” (to know, to have knowledge). A clear semantic evidence of the unity between soul and body.

It is on this basis, in ancient cultures as in the present, that holistic medicine has developed, namely the art and science of treating the human being in its complex unity: the inseparable system of body, mind and consciousness.

The separation between emotion and intellect dates back to Descartes. According to the French philosopher and mathematician, it is in fact reason, and reason alone, that must study the quantitative and objective characteristics of reality. For centuries this principle has characterized research in all areas: only what is measurable, tangible, and repeatable is scientific!

However, the ‘900 has been the result of paradoxes that have strongly challenged this principle. The Cartesian “cogito, ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am) is turning into “sum, ergo cogito” (I am, therefore I think).

This totally changes the paradigms and allows us to explore the unexplored.

Exotic particles, quanta, strings, multiverse: we are at an epochal turning point. Physics is again meeting philosophy. We are, in fact, going back to the origins of science that, let’s not forget, was born from the philosophers of the School of Miletus.

Science, philosophy, neuroscience, epigenetics, cognitive psychology: there are no watertight compartments, everything is wonderfully connected. Simply connect the dots: the future is already here and resides in our past.
The issue is well articulated by Shawn Achor, acclaimed Harvard professor. “The belief that we are nothing more than our genes is one of the most pernicious myths in modern culture: it is the insidious notion that people come into the world with a set range of skills and that neither they nor their brains can change. The scientific community is partly to blame for this, since for decades scientists refused to see what potential for change was staring them directly in the face.”

So are My Energy Bars magic or science?

The answer to this question, probably, is not unique, but it depends on the approach to the knowledge of reality. Scientific knowledge is characterized, since its origins, as an apparently free, accessible and, therefore, democratic knowledge; magical knowledge, on the other hand, is outlined as a doctrine for a few, reserved for experts and, therefore, elitist, exclusive. That is why we talk about esotericism, which means “reserved to a narrow circle of initiates; mysterious, incomprehensible”.

Personally, having studied, tested, and developed the mechanisms that characterize them, I can say for sure that My Energy Bars are Science, in its strictest meaning.

Not the science of today, often sectarian and closed in its paradigms of the past, but the Science of the origin, the one that explored the outer and inner world to understand the mechanisms, without preconceptions and with total openness to the unknown and unexplored.

My Energy Bars are characterized by three different technologies. The first, exploiting principles of classical physics, generates a micro-current, a flow of electrons, which passes through the body and helps to improve the bio-electric state of the body.

This principle of operation is discussed extensively in the article “But how do they work?”.

The second and third level technologies were developed from principles of quantum physics and radionics.

The technologies, characteristic of the cylinders, are supported by specific protocols of use aimed at amplifying their effects. They represent a sort of treasure map aimed at discovering the treasure chest wisely kept inside us and of which, unfortunately, we have lost memory.

Let’s proceed one step at a time towards the rabbit hole.

Exploiting the principle of entanglement, the electrons passing from one cylinder to another, through the physical body, have been specifically informed and programmed to act on the psycho-emotional and psycho-energetic frequencies of the person.

What is quantum entanglement?

Scientists discovered that particles generated by the same process, or which interacted with each other for a certain period of time, remain somehow linked, meaning that what happens to one of them immediately affects the other, without the need of an interaction, regardless of the distance that separates them.

So? The basic principle is amazing, and it tells us that, even if we consider ourselves as separate entities, we are actually part of a larger system that is constantly connected.

Our cells, our electrons, maintain a constant, invisible connection with that with which they have entered into relationship and continue to be influenced by it.

But how is this possible? This would seem likely due to the presence of a superfluid, an energy that over time and cultures has taken on different names: prana in Hindu / yogic interpretation, ether or ather in physical and metaphysical interpretation, orgone energy from the avant-garde research of Dr. Reich, chi from ancient and modern Chinese medicine and martial arts in general.

And today in the new science we talk about “zero-point energy”.

The charge of matter would seem to be generated by the exchange with the ether. The electrons, as well as some of the other subatomic particles, are self-sustained vortices in a particular fluid of ether. The electron, even if it is a stable particle, is a ring vortex or a toroidal structure made of ether, for this reason it is able to absorb specific information and frequencies, resonating with them.

It should be mentioned that experimental evidence of entanglement has not been limited only to physics, but also involved the biological world with the experiment that proves the non-local action through the connection between emotions and DNA after a breakup.

In research published in the journal Advances in 1993, the U.S. military reports conducting experiments to accurately establish the emotion/DNA link after a breakup. 1993, almost 30 years ago!

Researchers took a swab containing cells and DNA from the mouth of a volunteer, placed it in a prearranged environment, and made electrical measurements on the resulting DNA to see if it responded to the emotions of the donor who was in another room; the volunteer was shown videos that provoked strong emotions, and as they manifested, the responses of his DNA in the other room were measured. When the emotions of the subject touched emotional peaks the cells and his DNA, placed far away, produced at the same time a strong electrical response. The experiments led to the same results even when the cells and the subject were separated by a distance of 560 kilometers. In addition, the times between the emotional response of the subject and his cells were analyzed by means of an atomic clock located in Colorado (with a margin of error of one second over a million years) and the interval was zero. The effect was simultaneous! The DNA reacted as if it was still attached to the donor’s body.


Well, back to us, what do the My Energy Bars contain to properly inform the electric current they generate, generated by electrons?

The cylinders contain crystals that specifically act, thanks to their characteristics, on the psycho-physical well-being of the person and the vibrational field.

The crystals have, by their nature, ordered atomic structures and have the ability to absorb and emit energy. When they come into contact with the vibrations of our body, they have the ability to provide the correct vibration aimed at bringing order to the person on different levels: physical, energetic, and vibrational.

Precisely, inside the cylinders there are moon and rock crystals which, thanks to their characteristics, act on the balance of the two hemispheres, male and female, and on the alignment of the three brains of the human machine (stomach, heart, and head) both on a bio-physical and bio-energetic level.

It should be mentioned that crystal therapy is not a recent invention or a “new age” fashion: it is actually known since ancient times under the name of lithomedicine, the practice of using stones for healing purposes that was used in many cultures both Asian and Indo-European.

In addition to crystals, in My Energy Bars there is a radionic circuit that exploits the power of the symbol, the ability of multi-dimensional shapes to manipulate the energy of the local space.

But that’s another step along the way.

Now, rest. Regenerate. Shine.

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But how do they work?

My Energy Bars are an innovative product, unknown to the market.

The initial skepticism is therefore understandable.
When a person approaches a new concept, a new reality, a new technology, it is normal to show resistance in the form of doubts or perplexity.
Our reading of the world is in fact influenced by personal, cultural, and social beliefs and convictions.
When we come into contact with a new element that does not fit into the known logic, but rather puts logic into question, creates a phenomenon known as cognitive dissonance in psychology.

The principle of “cognitive dissonance”, introduced by the psychologist and sociologist Leon Festinger at the end of the 50’s, manifests itself when there is an inconsistency between the various aspects of knowledge, feelings and behavior of the subject.
This inconsistency creates an inner state of discomfort, a cognitive dissonance, in fact, that people try to reduce as much as possible.

Cognitive dissonance requires the subject to employ a great deal of mental energy to overcome the often unconscious sense of unease. It tends to be the known knowledge of the subject and the programs to which the person conforms as this requires less mental energy consumption.
In fact, the less energy a person has, the less capacity he/she has to be open to new ideas to elaborate their credibility.

This is the reason why the initial skepticism, normal in front of something new, can cause two different reactions: the first is the curious person with a good level of energy that tries to resolve the conflict generated by cognitive dissonance with the question “But, how do they work?”, the second is the person deeply anchored to his beliefs that resolves the conflict with a trivial “I do not believe in these things!”.

« A hungry fox saw bunches of grapes hanging from an arbor and tried to grab them. But it could not reach them. “Unripe grapes!” it said, before going away. So, even among men, there are those who, unable to achieve their intent, blame it on circumstances»
(Esopo, XXXII; Fedro, IV, 3)

If you are in the group of curious people, I invite you to continue reading, and not to consider, in any case, what I tell you as the absolute truth.
Go deeper, study, research and increase your energy.
Always question every aspect of reality and allow yourself to be surprised. Always.
My Energy Bars are the result of two very distinct personalities of mine: the engineer and the alchemist. For years they were kept in watertight compartments well separated from each other.

I did not allow them to communicate and interact, with, I must admit, a considerable expenditure of energy. The engineer manifested in the ordinary world, where people’s judgment is always ready. The alchemist in the depths of my continuous research and experiments. Far from eyes that, due to cognitive dissonance, would not have been able to understand how an engineer could believe in “certain things”.

I was amazed when I discovered that I was a victim of the wonders of our brain that, to preserve energies linked to fears and unconscious programming, did not allow the alchemical marriage between my two hemispheres.

But as they say, the heart wants what the heart wants!

When the rational mind and the intuitive one made peace, I started loved myself, and I created Triune.

A journey of experiences, people, theories, experiments that made me see the abyss but, in the end, made me touch the stars. A journey still in progress that will bring me good things.

This personal premise is not a trivial digression, but it is a crucial element to understand this project and specifically My Energy Bars.

My Energy Bars are in fact the result of a journey that has lasted for over twenty years.

Let’s get to the point, the cylinders act mainly on the electromagnetic field of the person, strengthening it and dissolving any bio-resistance. The ad hoc structured protocols act specifically on the electromagnetic fields generated by the three brains of the human machine (stomach, heart, and head).

Through a specific cleansing of bio-emotional interferences and their re-frequency the person returns to being, feeling and creating and this benefits the overall psychophysical well-being.

Let’s go back to the initial question: “But how do they work?”.

The starting point, which I realized one morning at dawn, was very simple: if we are an electro-magnetic field then the laws that characterize these fields are applicable to us. If we are an electro-magnetic field, we are characterized by a flow of electrons flowing inside us (electric current) that generate a magnetic field. But what do they attract?

The electric power inside our body, our energy, is limited by the bio-emotional resistances. Resistances that act both on the energetic and physical level, changing our physical and mental well-being.

The issue is well known to those who use acupuncture, the alternative medicine that uses the insertion of needles in specific points of the human body that are stimulated to correct imbalances in the flow of energy.

Acupuncture, through an external agent, dissolves the bio-resistances mentioned above.

In physics, an electrical resistance is nothing more than a scalar physical quantity that measures the tendency of a body to stop the flow of an electric current, when subjected to an electrical voltage. What does it mean? It means that if there are physical-emotional resistances in our body the flow of electrons is slowed metaphorically, making us shine less.

My Energy Bars consist of two cylinders of different materials (steel and aluminum) that have a specific potential difference. When united through a conducting element, in our case the human body, they generate a micro-current, a flow of electrons, which passes through the body and helps to improve the bio-electric state of the organism.

Numerous clinical studies, starting with Galvani’s experiments in 1792, have demonstrated the surprising benefits of microcurrents. Today they are widely used in aesthetics.

In fact, microcurrents, thanks to the induction of increased levels of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the chemical fuel that allows the functioning of all human cells, speeds up cellular metabolism, facilitates detoxification and increases the rate of waste and impurities removal from the body.

In short, thanks to the use of My Energy Bars, the body is recharged returning to a younger state. As if we were replacing the battery of our old cell phone with a new one!

What we have described represents the first level technology that characterizes My Energy Bars.
This alone would be enough to understand the usefulness of the device.

My research, applying the principles of quantum physics, however, has led to implement two additional technologies of second and third level that, combined with specific protocols, allow the strengthening of the electromagnetic field of the person with additional benefits on the physical, energetic, and mental level.
The electrons, thanks to the principle of entanglement, have been specifically informed and programmed to act on the psycho-emotional and psycho-energetic frequencies of the person.

Are you ready to enter the rabbit hole?

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