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My Energy Bars are the result of twenty years of experience of its creator and the fusion of two worlds: the pragmatic one of the engineers and the metaphysical one of the alchemists. Starting from the manuscript of the Caucasian Yoga of Count Walewski, engineer Battaglia wondered what could be, from a scientific point of view, the reason behind the functioning of this device. It is also found in numerous Egyptian statues. Combining technical-scientific competences with metaphysical competences, she realized an exclusive product of its kind characterized by its own soul whose only purpose is to help people feel good and understand who they are. Simply.

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My Energy Bars increase your electromagnetic field by creating a frequency of the three distinct electromagnetic fields of the three brains of the human machine: the enteric brain, the cardiac brain, and the encephalic brain.
Through the use of specific protocols My Energy Bars can help to:

  • have more energy;
  • have greater focus;

  • improve mood;

  • improve sleep;

  • manage stress;

  • dissolve emotional and energetic blocks;

  • achieve goals;

  • stop smoking, follow diets, and manage addictions.


My Energy Bars are characterized by 3 specific technologies that act on the three levels of being: physical, mental, and emotional. The difference in potential between the two cylinders, like in a battery, generates a microcurrent that recharges the cells of the body and dissolves the resistances.

The electrons, components of the electric current generated, are specifically informed through the use of rock crystal and moon crystal located inside the cylinders. They also use a radionic circuit, specifically studied by engineer Milena Battaglia, linked to the portal 3, 6, 9.

Once sealed with the olive wood TRIUNE, the pair of cylinders frequency is adjusted inside a pyramid, unique in its kind, at the frequency of 7.83 Hz, the Schumann frequency. The beat of the earth.

The frequency pyramid, My 369 Portal, is built with golden proportions and features a spherical tip, intuitively following part of Tesla’s studies.

Triune Project - My Energy Bars - packaging
Triune Project - cristallo di Luna e di Rocca

Una volta sigillata con il TRIUNE in legno d’ulivo, la coppia di cilindri è frequenziata all’interno di una piramide, unica nel suo genere, alla frequenza di 7,83 Hz, la frequenza di Schumann. Il battito della terra.

La piramide di frequenziazione, My 369 Portal, è costruita con proporzioni auree ed è caratterizzata da una punta a sfera, seguendo intuitivamente parte degli studi di Tesla.

Each pair of cylinders is exclusive.

There is no pair equal to another.

“If you knew
the magnificence
of three, six and nine,
you might have the key
to the universe”

Nikola Tesla

Triune Project - piramide


With the purchase of the cylinders, you will also receive the following protocols:

  • CENTERING PROTOCOL – ideal in the morning when you wake up or when you feel the need to strengthen and focus energy;
  • RELAXATION PROTOCOL – ideal in the evening before falling asleep or when you feel the need to reduce stress and decrease emotional tension;
  • ALCHEMIC TRANSFORMATION PROTOCOL – ideal for working on a block or limiting fear related to a person, situation, fantasy or emotion;
  • MULTIUNIVERSE ACTIVATION PROTOCOL – ideal for achieving a specific goal.

Not suitable for people with pacemakers and serious diseases.

Triune Project - My Energy Bars

The products and techniques covered by this site are intended to improve the well-being and quality of life of the individual, those are not medical devices and do not affect any pathology.
In no way can these products and techniques be considered treatment or prescription for diseases, both physical and psychological.
In no case can these techniques and services be considered substitutes for regular medical care.

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I prodotti e le tecniche oggetto di questo sito hanno lo scopo di migliorare
il benessere e la qualità della vita dell’individuo, non costituiscono dispositivi di carattere medico
e non agiscono su alcuna patologia.
In nessun modo questi prodotti e tecniche possono essere considerati trattamento
o prescrizione per malattie, sia fisiche che mentali.
In nessun caso queste tecniche e servizi possono essere ritenuti sostitutivi di regolari cure mediche.

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Triune Project SRL
Tutti i contenuti e le informazioni sono di proprietà esclusiva di Milena Battaglia.
Via Moriggia 8/B 20900 Monza MB
C.F./P.IVA: 11452660969

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