The symbol of awareness

TRIUNE is not only the company’s logo but also a fractal symbol, a gateway to the multi-universe of the micro and macrocosm.
A symbol that, through the power of the archetype that characterizes it, allows to change the frequency of the person and the environment that surrounds him.
Human beings, by their nature, are very powerful antennas and can pick up archetypal truths that have no form but, through the symbol, are manifested and activate in the person the frequency codes related to them.
The subjective power of the symbol is well known in psychological practice. To probe the human soul, in fact, it is not necessary to look for logical-linear explanations, but to observe the energetic-emotional link of the individual with the shapes, colors, symbols, which stimulate him.
The interpretation of dreams is an example.
Physics teaches us, in parallel, how every form that manifests itself in the universe has its own specific frequency, its own specific vibration.
We can therefore assume, merging the engineering thought with the alchemical one, that each archetype has its own characteristic frequency and that, by using a specific frequency, we can recall the archetype connected to it.

The universe, seen by the romantic physicist, is a wonderful symphony of frequencies that amplify and cancel each other to create the supposed objective reality that surrounds us.

Beyond the duality of conflict, toward awareness and harmony.

The Triune is a symbol of awareness that transcends the duality of conflict to enter the trinity of harmony.
The dual, linear, pointing vision creates separation, distance, and conflict.
The trine, spherical vision – in contrast – generates understanding and order.
The Triune, fusion of male and female energy, generates new life. It is an archetype of rebirth that allows the individual to transcend the two, to understand the magnificence of the three and return to one, whole in itself. The Triune is the symbolic representation of this passage, necessary to improve our psycho-physical well-being.
The Triune reminds the deep part of us that conflict and separation are just an illusion of our mind.

Our true nature is, on the contrary, linked to the trinity and harmony.

The power of the olive tree in self-discovery.

Piante d'ulivo

A new archetype has been associated to this symbol, the olive tree.
Trees, in general, connected to the cyclicity of nature, have an enormous energetic power, capable of healing body and mind. Many scientific research has shown that a simple walk in the woods relieves stress, reduces inflammation, and encourages empathic behavior. This is because nature helps to calibrate the brain by optimizing its health and the ability to focus.
The tree has a very strong symbolic power, the roots represent our past, our heritage, the branches represent our future, the trunk represents our present, our ability to be in the world. It is no coincidence that much of the knowledge handed down from ancient cultures contains the symbol of the tree.
The olive tree has peculiar characteristics that make it unique. Hence the choice to use it in the creation of the Triune to send its frequencies symbolically to its owner.
This tree, found in symbolism and myths since prehistoric times, is a symbol of peace and life.
We find it in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, in the Christian religion, in the Jewish tradition and according to many legends this plant is a direct gift from the gods.
Symbol of rebirth and regeneration, it is representative, thanks to its longevity and resistance, of eternity.
For its nature, the olive tree is a tenacious plant which resists to the worst climatic conditions and, sometimes, to fires.
What better essence could therefore represent the wonderful journey of rediscovery that Triune invites you to undertake?

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Entering the trinity of harmony

Triune can therefore be used to resonate with the archetype of awareness: of yourself, of the world. This archetype makes every cell of the organism resonate with the frequency of well-being and order. This is not magic. It is physics.

How to use it

  • Wear it or bring it with you.

  • Refill the water you drink by leaving the glass or bottle on top of the symbol for at least 3 minutes.

  • Place the symbol under your pillow while you sleep.

  • Place the symbol in your home environment: living room, kitchen, office.

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The products and techniques covered by this site are intended to improve the well-being and quality of life of the individual, those are not medical devices and do not affect any pathology.
In no way can these products and techniques be considered treatment or prescription for diseases, both physical and psychological.
In no case can these techniques and services be considered substitutes for regular medical care.

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Triune Project SRL
Tutti i contenuti e le informazioni sono di proprietà esclusiva di Milena Battaglia.
Via Moriggia 8/B 20900 Monza MB
C.F./P.IVA: 11452660969

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