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My Triune Genesa combines the power of Genesa Crystal with the inherent power of the three brains of the human machine (belly, heart and head).

My Triune Genesa allows you to expand your power of attraction and connection with your inner alchemical laboratory.

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The Genesa Crystal is the symbolic representation of all geometric shapes found in nature, represented by the Platonic solids.

This peculiarity generates, in its center, an energetic vortex (the zero point).

This vortex characterized by an electro-magnetic field of order and coherence allows to attract, purify, balance and amplify energy.

The already known characteristics of Genesa have been enhanced by the symbolic representation of the three brains of the human machine, originating My Triune Genesa.


The enteric brain, positioned in the belly, is represented by the color red.

The cardiac brain, located in the heart, is represented by the color green.

The encephalic brain, located in the head, is represented by the color blue.

The fusion of these three colors, that is, the alignment and coherence between the three energy centers, generates the color white.

My Triune Genesa can be used to:

  • create order and coherence in our three main centers: the center of being, the center of feeling and the center of creating with a consequent rebalancing of the person;
  • purify environments and objects
  • strengthen one’s own intentions and magnetism;
  • enhance your My Energy Bars.

After purchasing the My Triune Genesa you will be sent a video with a guided meditation to synchronize your three brains with the field of Genesa.


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