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Triune can therefore be used to resonate with the archetype of awareness: of oneself, of the world. This archetype makes every cell of the organism resonate with the frequency of well-being and order. This is not magic. It is physics.

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The product consists of the Triune symbol engraved on olive wood.

The power of the symbol transcends the conscious mind and sends specific messages to the unconscious mind, according to Jung, the symbol is the bearer of a content that cannot be expressed in any other way.

The Triune therefore reminds to our deeper part that conflict and separation are just an illusion of our mind. Our true nature is, on the other hand, linked to trinity and harmony.

Plants, connected to the cyclical nature, have an enormous energetic power, capable of healing body and mind. Scientific research has shown that a simple walk in the woods relieves stress, reduces inflammation, and encourages empathic behavior. This is because nature helps, quite simply, to recalibrate the brain by optimizing its health and increasing the ability to focus.

The tree, in parallel, has a very strong symbolic power, the roots represent our past, our heritage, the branches represent our future, our becoming, the trunk represents our present, our ability to be in the world. It is no coincidence that many of the knowledge handed down by ancient cultures uses the figure of the tree.

The olive tree has peculiar characteristics that make it unique. Hence the choice to use it in the creation of the Triune to transmit its frequencies symbolically to those who own it.

This tree is present in the symbolism and myths since prehistoric times.

Symbol of peace and life in the poems of Homer, we find it in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, in the Christian religion, in the Jewish tradition and according to many legends this plant is a gift from the gods.

Symbol of rebirth and regeneration, thanks to its longevity and resistance it represents eternity.

For its nature, in fact, the olive tree is a tenacious plant which resists to the worst climatic conditions and, sometimes, to fires.

What better essence could therefore represent the wonderful journey of rediscovery that the Triune sends you on?


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