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Palo Santo is a natural incense. Its fragrance is an infusion of peace and serenity.
It restores harmony, inner balance and positive energies.
It can be used to purify environments, the person and My Energy Bars.

  • Purifies the environment and the person prior to the Relaxation Protocol.
  • Purify your My Energy Bars.

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Its name comes from a peculiarity related to its flowering, which occurs on Christmas day.
The Palo Santo wood is harvested naturally, with full respect for the environment and the tree itself. We use branches already fallen to the ground from 4 to 10 years and dried naturally.
The aromatic stick obtained from this plant is used by letting its end burn until a bit of embers and scented smoke is obtained. Each stick can be re-ignited several times.
It gives off an intense and pleasant scent, inhibits the spreading of bad smells, promotes meditation and relaxation, purifies environments.

Name: Palo Santo – Bursera graveolens
Origin: Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil
Ideal for: energizing and purifying. Traditionally used in rituals


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